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Welcome to CAC Friends!

CAC Friends started in March 1998 with just 12 of us who really liked the Creatacard software. I started the website so we could share our projects and ideas and help each other with the software. We have grown over the years - we currently have over 500 CAC Friends on the mail list and many Friends who visit this website regularly. We also discuss other card/craft/desktop publishing software programs - but Creatacard, or "CAC" as we call it, will always be the favorite. Read the feature article on the ShareaCard program in the March/April 2003 issue here.

This website was built to look like Version 3.0 of Creatacard. This old version is still an all time favorite here.

The downloads on this website are for use in Creatacard software - see our Software Compatibility Chart if you are using another program to check if any of our downloads will work for you.

Christmas 2003 - Mikis is 3!

My Family - Christmas 2001

October 2002: Here is my new assistant - She cannot type fast and she has a knack of shutting down the computer with fatal exceptions, but she is a very nice girl! AND she loves CAC too


A special thank you to the wonderful friends who make this site possible, by no means are these all the friends who have contributed! Many have come and gone, and some are behind the scenes, but I appreciate everyone...

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Tips, graphics, downloads... to many to name....