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CAC Friends Card Swaps

CAC Friend Lori keeps our card swaps organized at Yahoo Groups. You can email her if you have any questions. CAC Friends who are subscribers on our mail list can join and participate in our swaps. To register a swap please use the form below.

Mail dates for all swaps are listed on our Yahoo Groups calendar and reminders are sent to the Yahoo mail list of mailing deadlines.

Card Swap Listings

You must be a member of our Yahoo mail list to participate in our current swaps listed here

 Printable Swap Instructions

How to Host and Participate

You can view some cards from previous card swaps that have been scanned and placed in our links section, and in our shared files area.

Register your CAC Friends Swap
Hostess Name:
Hostess Email:
Theme of Swap:
Item to be swapped:
(Cards, magnets, bookmarks, stickers, etc...)
Mail Date:
How many participants per group (approx):
Details of Swap:
Are you a subscriber on the Yahoo Groups mail list?: Yes No