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 Special Artwork/Graphic Collections
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Common Questions about saving web graphics:

Tip #1 -Why do I get a colored background when I paste in some web graphics?

This generally occurs with the .gif format coming through the windows clipboard. You can eliminate this by clicking the "Insert Photo" button (version 3.0) and pasting from the clipboard there. If this does not work you can use any graphics editing program to fill the background in white or transparent.

Tip #2 -What image types can I import and paste into Creatacard?

Creatacard 2/3 supports images in these formats - .bmp, .dib, .fpx (Flashpix), .jpg, .pcd (Kodak photo CD), .pcx, .png, .psd (Photoshop 3.0), .tga, uncompressed .tif and .wmf. (version 3.0) Many web graphics are in gif format, so you can either paste these in (using tip #1) or convert them to another format in a graphics editing program so you can import them in through the CAC Artbook. Creatacard Version 4.0 & up supports just about every type of graphic format, and you can export your graphic or projects in these formats too using the artbook.

Please note - the graphics found in these collections were sent to me by various CAC Friends. If there are any graphics that should not be here please let me know and I will remove them promply. These graphics are for your personal use only, not to be sold or used for profit in anyway