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  FanCraftic Party Crafts Review
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Visit FanCraftic.com for lots of more projects for your Creatacard software!
FanCraftic Party CraftsFanCraftic is the home of fantastic crafts created with your computer and easy to print. The first book (in a series of over twenty) features computer crafts for 12 parties, from traditional holidays to birthdays, showers and more.

These books are designed to make computer crafting fun and easy. Books include a CD containing a fully designed and printable template of every item in each party set—over 120 printable crafts!

All FanCraftic™ designs are created to work with Broderbund®’s Print Creativity Software: PrintMaster®, The Print Shop® or American Greetings® CreataCard®.

Intimate knowledge of these user-friendly productivity tools has given Valerie a unique depth of knowledge of their creative possibilities, including a collection of user shortcuts and production tips. This knowledge, together with a lifetime of artistic inspiration and experience culminates in FanCraftic Party Crafts, the first in her series of over twenty computer craft books.

As founder of FanCraftic, she contributes her own sophisticated design sense to her project designs and party sets, resulting in a look and feel that’s a cut above the work of other computer craft books.

So how did this idea for a series of books begin? Valerie has always felt that people are interested in how things are created, a hunch that might have come from her years of teaching. Even the staff at Broderbund is surprised at the things that Valerie creates with their products, and she wanted to share these ideas and tricks with you, too.

This first in a series of books is her idea of how to make the most of Broderbund’s software. Randall wanted to show how much fun creative publishing software can be, especially when combined with crafting. The results are all here for you to play with. Amend them, add to them, and most of all, have fun with them.

CACFriends.com review

Ok CAC Friends, for years you've been whining and been crying for more content, and not having to upgrade to a new version of software to get it - well here it is!! What impresses me is it is not just new projects and graphics - Valerie has gone to great lengths to show, in detail, how to Harvest Inviteactually put together the crafts in the book.As you can see from the screenshot here, there is even instructions right on the project when you open it - I've been making computer crafts for years, and I found quite a few things in this book that I was like "Oh wow - I can do that!". She has great tips and has a chapter on materials, tools and techniques too. Valerie is the one who actually created the projects for the cover of the software boxes, along with the projects too. She goes in to the Broderbund software (Print Shop, Creatacard & Printmaster) and uses it! Not like the "customer service rep" you call for help and they read to you from a manual, or you get a canned response by email that has nothing to do with the question you asked, we've all been there. She gets her hands dirty and goes into the program and uses it! I love it!!

You can visit Valerie's website, FanCraftic.com, to order the book/CD ($29.95), Imagination set CD's (also available in PDF format)($9.95), and she has free downloads and a newsletter too. Valerie is also a CAC Friend and has joined the Community Forums area and has shared some of her projects in the Shared files area too. Thanks Valerie, I look forward to your future books and CD projects!