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You can find more downloads especially for Creatacard Versions 2.0/3.0 in the shared files area here


Spice Girls Birthday Card
View Card (739kb)
Ruth H.
This card is featured in
Friends Featured projects
Window Card (629kb)
View Card
Marilyn - Sweden
(3 files in this download)
"Piano" Bookmark Card (217kb)
 View Card Front
Barb C. - WI
This card is featured in
Friends Featured projects
  "Hearts " Bookmark Card (552kb)
 View Card Front
Chris T. -OH
This card is featured in
Friends Featured projects
"Home Sweet Home" (98kb)
View Card
"Blues Clues" (961kb)
View Card
Gina H - VA
(requires font "Kids") (75kb)
Precious Moments - 1st Birthday (384kb)
View Card
Gina - VA 
Precious Moments - Nurse (167kb)
View Card
Gina - VA
Anniversary "Music" (261kb)
View Card
Gina - VA
 Precious Moments "Seeds" (498kb)
View Card
Gina - VA
"Pokemon" (198kb)
View Card
Suzanne - PA
   "Expoding" Card (152kb)
View Card
Marilyn - Sweden
This card is featured in
Friends Featured projects
  Sympathy (206kb)
View Card Front
Colleen - VA
  Child's Birthday (173kb)
View Card Front
Sally -FLA
 Birthdays are "Rough" (145kb)
View Card Front
Tricia - TX
 Wedding (478kb)
View Card Front
Lori S. - CA
"World Friends" (373kb)
View Card Front
Tennia P. - OK
"Barney" (93kb)
View Card Front
Suzanne V. - PA
This card is featured in
Friends Featured projects
 Caregiving (328kb)
View Card Front
Connie B - OH
 "Hello" (128kb)
View Card Front
Juanita -CA
Marginless Birthday Card  (309kb)
View Card Front
Suzanne V. - PA
 Anniversary (155kb)
View Card Front
Connie B - OH
Teacher's Appreciation
Bookmark Card (421kb)
View Card Front
Suzanne V. - PA
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Quarter Fold Envelope = A2 or 4 3/8 X 5 3/4

Tri-Fold Envelope = #10 or Z-fold or 4 1/8 X 9 1/2

Half-Fold Envelope = A8 or 5 3/4 X 8 3/4

Half Fold Envelope Template (43kb)- 2 files in this download to create your own envelope for a half fold card. Use the draw tool colors to change the color of the outline.

Sachet Envy (127kb)-Lynne's Project from the Friends Featured Projects Page. This is a sweet smelling addition to any card.

Pillow Pouch (44kb) - Create a little pouch to fill with bath beads or candy for a shower favor. Thanks to CAC Friend Ginnie for providing me with this template.

CD envelope (37kb)- make your own custom envelope sleeves for your CD's.

Floppy Disk envelope (37kb)- make your own custom envelope sleeve for a floppy disk.

Seed Packet (37kb)- Fill with seeds, bath salts, whatever you can think of!

One piece mailer (37kb)- scale to desired size. (same as Postalette's - Bonnie H.'s Project from the Friends Featured Projects Page. These print two to a page.)

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Magnetic Bookmarks - CAC Friend Lauren has shared her creative design. Instructions included!(234kb)

All-in-One-Design! A card and a bookmark all in one. See a digital shot of Chris T.'s super creative idea in Friend Featured Projects. (2 files in this download - front and back, print on one sheet of card stock) (552kb)

Jesus Loves Me Bookmarks - 5 bookmarks formatted to print in sign - you can customize each bookmark to a person's name, or just put Jesus Loves "Me"! (287kb)

Spice Girls Bookmarks - Suzanne's 5 Spice Girl Bookmarks formatted on a sign from the Friends Featured Projects Page.(1689kb)

Bonnie's Little Bookmarks - From the Friends Featured Projects Page.


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Avery Personal Creations #3264 Template - This is a blank template with guidlines you erase before you print on the Avery mini cards. Or you can print on card stock and cut out. Makes 4 mini cards to a sheet. I suggest you print a test sheet first to make adjustments before printing on the Avery cards.

Cassette Tape Insert - Mo created this blank template for creating your own insert sheet for a tape cassette box - neat idea!

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Candy Wrappers

Learn to make candy wrappers in CAC here

"Sheila's Stash" HERSHEY'ŽS Bar Wrap - Knute's funny design to cover a 1.55 oz HERSHEY'ŽS bar.(37.4kb)

Happy Harvest Candy Wraps - Sherry F.'s design - formatted for a Miniature HERSHEY'ŽS Bar (71kb)or a regular sized 1.55oz HERSHEY'ŽS chocolate bar (87kb)

Lifesaver Candy Wrap - Sherry W.'s great idea and design featured in Friends Featured Projects.This great design fits right over a prewrapped Life Saver candy. (174kb)

Baby Announcement Gum Wrappers - Michele has shared her cute designs, one for a baby boy,and one for a baby girl. (463kb)

HERSHEY'ŽS Hugs Bag Tag - An original design from CAC Friend Diana - fits on top of a 5.3 oz bag of Hugs. This is a Friends Featured Project. (361kb)

Happy Birthday Overwraps for a 1.55oz HERSHEY'ŽS Bar - my own personal design. 2 wrappers print on one piece of paper. (130kb)

Jesus Candy Wrapper - I designed this wrapper to be a overwrap to a miniature HERSHEY'ŽS bar. I add these to encouragement cards I send to Friends. To speed download time, there is only 1 wrapper in sign format - just cut and paste to fill up the page, or just print how many you need. These look really pretty when printed on gold inkjet paper. (197kb)


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Other Projects


Absentee Forms - Great for the Mom on the run, thanks to Anna for this idea. (37kb)

Accordian Style Address Book - Michele's Friends Featured Projects page idea. Complete instructions included. Download the sections to make this project:

Address book insides (38kb)

Address Book ID/Important Dates (38kb)

Front Covers (319kb)

Box for quarter fold cards/envelopes - CAC Friend Lori's idea for making a gift box to present someone with homemade notecards. 2 files to this download (top & bottom) (40kb)

Shopping List - CAC Friend Michele's much requested shopping list idea- laminate and put a magnet on the back for the refrigerator, and use a dry marker on it! (41kb)

Recipe for a Happy Marriage(214kb) - Susanne's project from the Friends Featured Projects Page. You need the civitype font to print this project properly. Download Civitype font here. (67kb)

Children's Clock Face - Vickie's special project from the Friends Featured Projects Page. (636kb)

Baby T Birth Announcement - Two designs included with this download - one for a boy, one for a girl. Heart photo shape included. I print these on a inkjet t-shirt transfer sheet and iron on a onesie or baby-t. You can them put on a teddy bear or just give it alone. (287kb)

Photo Shapes - (Works with version 3.0 only) These handy shapes allow you to add a photo to your project in a shape, like a heart or star, without the white box around the photo! This is a must have! These look great on top of the CAC artwork. Use your imagination in using these!! (48kb)

Back Page Art Logos - I am sharing my logos I created that I use on the back of my cards. Includes my UPC symbol you can customize with your email address. (247kb)

Ruler Guidelines - CAC Friend Rose came up with this great way of having measuring guidelines from within CAC to help assist in using the draw tools to measure out exact dimensions. Once you have created your template you can erase the guidelines and print your design. (39kb)

Creatacard Color Swatch - This simple color swatch I designed in CAC can help assist you choose the right colors for your fonts and draw tools. Remember, colors on the screen print differently, so this can help you choose your colors intelligently! Print this on the card stock you use most. (37kb)

Heart Pocket - Barb C. designed this really cute heart pocket - It can also be folded into a little envelope. Instructions included. (43kb)

Pocket - A simple pocket to add to a card to hold extras - like a bookmark or magnet. Resizable, one design and one plain template. (62kb)

Place cards - 2 designed in sign format. One blank template and one wedding design. print on cream or white linen and use a touch on glitter glue on the center of the flowers for a delicate placecard. Erase template before printing. (216kb)

Super Sitter Information Sheets - All the information your sitter will need while you are away, and in case of an emergency. 2 designs in sign format, one for a baby and one for older kids. (115kb)

Weight Watchers Food Charts - If you go to Weight Watchers and keep a daily journal of your food intake these are great. They have the Weight Watchers point system incorporated into it. 2 files in this download - front and back. (Vickie) (44kb)

Footprints Plastic Mug Insert - This pretty design will fit perfectly in one of those customizable plastic snap in mugs. I laminate the insert for extra protection. You can seal the mug permanently with clear silicone if you wish to. These mugs can be found at you local dollar store, or you can order them from the Wacky Wagon or Elissa's Desktop Publishing Supplies. Learn to make a mug in the tutorials here! (312kb)

Party Bag - Click here to see a screen shot sample of this Birthday Candle design. Works best printed on regular paper.(112kb)

Thomas the Train Loot Bag - Suzanne's special request project featured on the Friends Featured Projects Page. (100kb)

Coupons (160kb)- DeLores' Cool Project from the Friends Featured Projects Page. These make a great present for the person who has everything. Please note - you need the Hearts font to print this project out properly. (66kb)


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Customizable Products

These are templates for products from the Wacky Wagon and Elissa's Desktop Publishing Supplies.

Plastic Mug Insert
Learn to make a mug in the tutorials here!

Letter Opener

Night Light

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