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 Downloading Instructions
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Download Instructions

NOTE: Many projects have been "grouped" by the creator - you can ungroup by right clicking and choosing the "arrange" option - then "ungroup" in Versions 2.0 & 3.0 - in Versions 4.0 and up the software will prompt you to ungroup the items when you double click on the items grouped

Choose the version of Creatacard you are downloading for:
Version 2.0 / 3.0
Version 4.0 & up
Version 4.0 & Up
Very simple - Download project and extract file(s) [if zipped] to the folder of your choice (remember where you put it) and open from within the software, (search your folders for where you saved it). Version 4.0 and up is more versatile in opening files then 3.0. The files in the shared files section are a mix of zipped files and straight files - no unzipping needed. You only need to unzip a file if the extention is .zip, you can use a free utility like WinZip to unzip with.
For Version 2.0 / 3.0
(If you have downloaded a file from the shared area that is not zipped
skip down past this unzipping instruction) I used Drag n Zip to zip most of the Creatacard project files.
To download a project, just click the one you want. You will be prompted to save it to your hard drive.
Important- do not rename the file! Download it with the file name I have given it. It will not work properly if you rename it. This is what the file will look like once you have downloaded it:
Remember where you saved it! I always download directly to my Desktop -so easy to find. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to where you want to save the extracted file. Here is what you will see:
(this Garfield download had 2 files, most only have 1)
The .ccf file must be placed in the subdirectory "Data" folder from where you have Creatacard installed on your hard drive. (Ex. C:/CAC/Data) OR where ever you have your saved projects at. When you installed CAC you had a choice on where to install the program AND what folder you wanted your saved projects saved to, as seen below.
If you cannot find where your CAC stores your .ccf files (saved projects):
First make sure you have saved projects in Creatacard. From your windows Start button choose Find, then Files or folders. Type in .ccf and click find now. It will then locate where your files are located.
Once you have placed the .ccf file in the proper folder, you will find the file under "saved work" from the Creatacard main screen.
Another Option:
You can also extract your files to a floppy disk and chose to open from "diskette" (usually your A:\ drive) instead of from your hard drive.
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